AJ’s new shirt based on a tweet to Dolph.

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Aww, they still travel together! <3

Aww, they still travel together! <3

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WWE Dating Game


Jimmy Uso & Naomi
John Cena & Nikki Bella
Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella
Jey Uso & Layla
Nattie & Tyson Kidd
Aksana & Justin Gabriel
Miz & Maryse
Cm Punk & Lita
Beth Phoenix & Edge
Alicia Fox & Wade Barrett
AJ Lee & Trent Barretta (not sure if they’re still together but whatever)

It’s like High School I swear. LOL

I know it’s not my business to be in their personal lives but they put it out there.

AJ and Trent broke up in early 2012.